A Water Well is the central part of an irrigation system. An irrigation system consists of one Water Well, one Water Pump and many Irrigation Pipes and Sprinklers. Irrigation reduces the growing time of crops by 15%. Only one irrigation system can be installed on a farm.

The well and pump occupy a 1 x 2 square area.


To construct your water well, you need to

  1. Purchase a Water Well kit from the Store (under Buildings) for 25,000 coins. The well can be placed anywhere on your farm.
  2. Get 20 neighbors to help operate the Drill Gear (or use Ranch Cash to purchase the drilling).
  3. Get 15 neighbors to help install the Water Pump (or use Ranch Cash to purchase the installation).
  4. Accumulate gifts of 25 Stones, 8 Wood Beams and 15 Irrigation Pipes (or use Ranch Cash to purchase the parts).

All of that must be completed before you can install sprinklers. As with other construction projects, each neighbor can only help you once a day and each neighbor can only send you one gift each day.

Once you have completed the construction, you can add sprinklers as you acquire them. The sprinklers should start working as soon as you install them. Because the sprinklers affect the growing time of the crops, you will want to deploy them in sections, to simplify harvesting and planting.


The initial water well that you construct can supply enough water for 50 Sprinklers.

The irrigation system can be upgraded, in stages to level 10, so that it can ultimately irrigate 1175 squares of field crops. See the irrigation page for details on upgrading your irrigation system.