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  • Robin Patterson

    French language

    November 1, 2015 by Robin Patterson

    For articles in French. please check Category:Pages in French. If other articles are partly in French, please separate them by creating a subpage using "/fr" after the English pagename. -- Robin Patterson (Talk) 12:03, November 1, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Robin Patterson

    Facebook users who have Dutch friends may have been invited to play "Landleven". If your preferred language is English, it's in English to play, but its forum is all Dutch and you may get notifications in Dutch though when you open the game they are in English and it is called "Family Barn".

    It looks very like CountryLife - or at the start more like Country Life lite - with virtually identical animals, trees, plots, Dutch Mill, Beehive, etc. (Note that there is no "Remove Tool", so leave plenty of empty space in case you really must install more gear or animals before you can afford to expand your ranch.)

    However, Landleven is enormously more complex than CountryLife was when most of this wiki was first written.

    was there already a wiki for L…

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  • Robin Patterson

    Clearly I've not been concentrating on the game as much as I could. With some surprise I saw a Facebook post telling me that Sonny had won a ribbon and wanted to share something with me. On clicking the link I see:

    Sonny earned the Milky Way Explorer White ribbon
    You have been rewarded:
    25 XP! 75 OP!
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