Turkey was introduced in Country Life game in October, 2nd 2015.

This animal doesn't eat like the others, even the Yorkshire Pig. It gives black feather when it is fed with apples, strawberries, clover or corn. How do we feed it? The turkey decides! The player can see the turkey's thoughts, illustrated with a bubble in which the crop it wants to eat figures. A little icon with a crop inside is put on the turkey's playground, as we already see it on some gears. When the crop in the icon corresponds with the crop in the turkey's thought, the player can feed the turkey (you can feed it 3 times in a raw). Otherwise, a little sentence appears: "The turkey wants [crop]!"

A black feather is sold 135 coins. It represents a lot of benefice when the turkey eats a clover (sold 20 coins). But it is a loss when it eats strawberries (sold 199 coins). You must think about that when you feed the turkey.

Description in gameEdit

The Turkey is a picky eater! Keep him happy by feeding him what he wants, when he wants it! He sheds a Black Feather after each meal.

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