A toolbox appears at bottom right of the main page when you play CountryLife.

Items displayed:

  • Multi Tool
  • Plow Tool - click it, then drag and click where you want to plow grassland; hit ESC to stop it acting
  • Move Tool - click it, then drag and click something you want to move; object will float and be dragged to wherever you like; click to fix
  • Sell Tool - click it, then drag and click on something you want to sell (or a plowed field you want to return to grass); clicking ESC does not make it stop acting
  • Barn - where your produce goes for either sale or reuse
  • Store - the "Ranch Shop", where you buy things ranging from clover seeds to farm extensions
  • Gifts - gifts received stay here until you decide to "Use" or "Sell"; it shows the number of gifts you have there
  • Achievements

Sitting above the toolbox are five icons used for changing or photographing the view.

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