You can plant tomatoes as part of playing CountryLife.

Description in gameEdit

Use Tomatoes with the Smooth Juicer to make Tomato Juice or with the Ketchup Wiz to make Ketchup.

Availability levelsEdit



  • Hours: 16
  • Sale price: 37 coins
  • Profit: 17 coins
  • Profit per hour: 1.0 coins
  • Alternative use: Use 3 tomatoes in a ketchup wiz for an extra 64 coins when selling the ketchup.


Harvesting tomato plots enable to earn Tomayto, Tomahto ribbons.

TomatoesRibbon 30 25 XP 80 75 XP 325 250 XP
50 OP 125 OP 400 OP

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