Milk is one of the important processed products in the online game CountryLife. As well as being produced in the game, milk can also be freely gifted to other players.


Produced very early in nearly every player's game, by a Holstein Cow as soon as it is fed clover, milk can be sold for 20 coins per can.

When a Holstein Cow is used, milk production takes 1 minute per can. The other breeds of cow available on CountryLife process clover into milk more quickly, and can be purchased with ranch cash.



Turning clover into milk adds 5 coins to the value of unprocessed clover, as well as additional XP.

Milk can then be processed further for more profits and additional XP.


Collecting milk buckets enable to earn Milky Way Explorer ribbons.

MilkRibbon 15 30 XP 75 80 XP 350 300 XP 700 XP 1,250 XP 12,500 2,250 XP
50 OP 150 OP 450 OP 900 OP 1,500 OP 2,750 OP

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