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In CountryLife you get more things to do (planting, buying, and gifting) as you move up to higher levels. Most of them make more profit, sometimes with no additional work.

30 experience points ("XP") will put you up to level 2; reach 70 for level 3, 120 for level 4, but after that it rises more steeply: 280 for level 5, 500 for level 6, 750 for level 7, 1,050 for level 8 (at which time you can call up a rainstorm if you have been saving your ranch cash), 8 for level 9, 9 for level 10, and so on.

Level 1Edit

  • You can buy clover, to plant then to feed to your cows: one XP for each action - you'll be on level 2 before you've really seen the ranch!
  • You can gift: tomatoes, clover, wheat and black wool. All gifts are free, so it does not matter whether you possess any. Wheat has the greatest monetary value and will therefore probably be the most welcome gift at this level and at levels 2 and 3.

Level 2Edit

  • Reached with 30 experience points
  • You get: 150 coins and 1 ranch cash
  • You can buy an Apple Tree, but that would be folly when you can almost certainly persuade a neighbor to gift you one or more (or more valuable trees)
  • You can gift: Holstein Cow; but check that the recipient would like one, because they may prefer Sheep or something else.

Level 3Edit

  • Reached with 70 experience points
  • You get: 150 coins and 1 ranch cash
  • You can buy Wheat, which takes 12 hours to grow and is therefore very good for planting at bedtime; save it to feed to a Sheep (to get wool) unless desperate for Ranch Cash; a friend who is at or above level 9 can gift you a sheep.
  • You can gift: milk, apple tree.

Level 4Edit

  • Reached with 120 experience points
  • You get: 150 coins and 1 ranch cash
  • You can buy:
    • a Cool Packer, which sends bees to pollinate blooming clover and return to produce Clover Packer, so you should buy one soon because nobody can gift you one; just remember not to harvest clover until it's pollinated
    • a Starline Beehive, which produces honey 500% faster if you can keep up - but does it affect lighting time??
  • You can gift: corn (clearly the most saleable crop gift at level 4 - but the recipient may prefer something else), and honey (very poor value).

Level 5Edit

Level 6Edit

Level 7Edit

Level 8Edit

Level 9Edit

Level 10Edit

Level 11Edit

Level 12Edit

Level 13Edit

"Just reached Level 13 in Country Life! ... unlocked Cheese Master, Amazon Green Fence and can now gift Ketchup Wiz. "

Level 14Edit

Level 15Edit

Level 16Edit

Notes: Cheese is more profitable than Ketchup if you can spend a few minutes several times a day harvesting clover.

Level 17Edit

Level 18Edit

Notes: The jam'r unlocks at level 20 gives as much profit as the Winemaker if you can spend time collecting honey which has additional uses.

Level 19Edit

Level 20Edit


  • You can buy your first Jam'r for 7,000 coins and combine honey with over seven different fruits for jam

Level 21Edit


  • Banana Tree costs 975; each friend above level 20 can gift you one each day

Level 22Edit


  • Baker: it costs 8,500 coins and makes bread, the most profitable activity in the game (except for jam made from tree fruit) until you buy a weaver at level 24
  • Banana Tree: very good value if planted economically even though you cannot make jam from bananas

Level 23Edit


  • Sell Blackberries for 125 coins (good value for filling in 6 hours; but raspberries taking 5 hours may be better use of land, depending on what you plant next)
  • Consider saving wool and Angora Hair instead of selling them, because your next level allows you to buy a weaver to add great value to those fibers.

Level 24Edit

  • Reached with 20,600 experience points
  • You received: 1 RC (ranch cash) and 150 coins
  • You have unlocked: Weaver
  • You can now gift: Nothing additional


  • You can buy a Weaver for 10,500 coins. Once you do, you can make wool and Angora sweaters, two very profitable products. Angora Sweaters are the game's best value per hour of raw material growth time (as on January 18, 2010) - although trees can return more per unit of land area if they occupy only a quarter of the space a plot occupies. Planting carrots is now always better value than planting grapes, so you may want to store your winemaker(s) to make room for more productive fields or another weaver.

Level 25Edit


Level 26Edit

Level 27Edit

  • Reached with 30,500 experience points
  • You get: 150 coins and 1 ranch cash
  • You can buy Raspberries for 95 and harvest to sell for 104 (the most profitable berry fruit for jam, per hour, as of 17 Jan 2010). They take 5 hours to grow.

Level 28Edit

Level 29Edit

Level 30Edit


  • Birdbath: cost: 15,000 coins, purely for aesthetics

Level 31Edit


Level 32Edit

Level 33Edit

Level 34Edit

Level 35Edit

  • Reached with 80,500 experience points
  • You get: 150 coins and 1 ranch cash
  • You can buy/plant Green Lettuce for 160 coins.

Level 36Edit

Level 37Edit

Level 38Edit

Level 39Edit

Level 40Edit

Level 41Edit

Level 42Edit

Level 43Edit

Level 44Edit

Level 45Edit

Level 46Edit

Level 47Edit

Level 48Edit

Level 49Edit

Level 50Edit

  • Reached with 260,500 experience points
  • You received: 1 RC (ranch cash) and 150 coins
  • You have unlocked: Nothing
  • You can now gift: Nothing additional

Level 51Edit

  • Reached with 276,500 experience points
  • You received:1 ranch cash and 150 coins
  • You unlocked: Nothing
  • You can now gift: Nothing new

Level 52Edit

Level 53Edit

  • Reached with 310,000 experience points
  • You received: 1 ranch cash and 150 coins
  • You have unlocked: Nothing additional.

Level 54Edit

Level 55Edit

Level 56Edit

Level 57Edit

Level 80Edit

Level 91Edit


Level 92Edit


Level 93Edit


Level 94Edit


Level 95Edit


Level 96Edit


Level 97Edit


Level 98Edit


Level 99Edit


Level 100Edit


Level 101Edit


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