In the online game CountryLife, processed products are the goods that result from a process other than planting. They can be sold; some may be further processed. Some may be gifted as free gifts irrespective of whether you possess any.

Product Sell Price Recipe Breakdown
Angora Hair 94 Carrot
Angora Sweater 118 Angora Hair
Apple Jam 30 Apple, Honey
Apple Juice 95 3x Apples
Apple Pie 185 Apple, Flour, Honey
Bacon 195 Potato
Banana Yogurt 70 Banana, Milk
Beer 485 2x Barley, Hops
Blackberry Jam 145 Blackberry, Honey
Blackberry Smoothie 450 3x Blackberries, Banana
Blackberry Yogurt 175 Blackberry, Milk
Blueberry Jam 97 Blueberry, Honey
Blueberry Juice 290 3x Blueberries
Blueberry Pie 205 Blueberry, Flour, Honey
Bread 285 Egg, Flour, Milk
Butter 85 3x Milk
Carrot Juice 190 2x Carrots
Cheese 32 Milk
Cherry Jam 36 Cherry, Honey
Cherry Juice 115 3x Cherries
Cherry Yogurt 50 Cherry, Honey
Cornmeal 105 Corn
Cream 60 2x Milk
Eggs 102 Corn
Espresso 210 Coffee
Felt Roll 230 3x Wool
Frappé 245 Coffee, Milk
Ketchup 175 3x Tomatoes
Latte 265 2x Milk, Coffee
Milk 25 Clover
Olive Oil 145 3x Olives
Orange Jam 50 Orange, Honey
Orange Juice 130 3x Oranges
Pancetta 330 Pumpkin
Pumpkin Pie 525 Pumpkin, Flour, Honey
Raspberry Jam 113 Raspberry, Honey
Raspberry Juice 345 3x Raspberries
Raspberry Yogurt 140 Raspberry, Milk
Red Wine 130 Grapes
Strawberry Jam 214 Strawberry, Honey
Strawberry Pie 370 Strawberry, Flour, Honey
Strawberry Smoothie 450 2x Strawberries, Banana
Strawberry Yogurt 245 Strawberry, Milk
Tomato Juice 120 2x Tomatoes
Truffles 120 Corn
Whiskey 515 3x Barley
White Wine 150 White Grapes
Wool 63 Wheat
Wool Spindle 160 2x Wool
Wool Sweater 95 Wool
Yogurt 35 Milk

Strategies for profitEdit

Once you have a weaver, grow carrots (8 hours: two or three plantings per day if you can manage it) so as to produce Angora Sweaters, the most profitable use of fields at 5.4 coins per hour of growth.

If (as you should) you have apple, cherry, or orange trees, they will need honey to maximize return on their fruit, so you will need to grow some clover (4 hours, therefore not good value growing overnight), which leads to milk and maybe cheese production. But wheat has a convenient growing time (12 hours, i.e. two efficient plantings per day) and corn (20 hours) is good for overnight growing (using the clover fields) then feeding to chickens for eggs. So your best earner will be bread as soon as you have a baker (dropping to second-best or third-best when the weaver appears), needing equal amounts of eggs, flour, and milk, earning about 4.8 coins per hour of growth.

Wheat not needed for bread can go into wool sweaters when you have a weaver and a sheep or two, and earn 5 coins per hour of growth.

You should not be planting tomatoes, grapes, or berries (except some blueberries to fill a 3-hour space when time hasn't worked perfectly, and sometimes raspberries if you really need a dinner break).

See separate page for details and worked examples.

If you cannot visit oftenEdit

Trees are a necessary part of maximizing profit for you too. See above.

For players who can spend only a few minutes a day on their ranches, maybe only at one specific short period (e.g. late evening), different factors apply. You will probably plant lots of corn, feeding it to chickens for eggs to earn about 1.7 coins per hour, and possibly tomatoes for ketchup, earning 1.4 coins per hour if you harvest 23-24 hours after planting. ¼

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