A Jam'r in CountryLife is a machine that combines one unit each of honey and fruit to produce jars of jam. The Jam'r can be purchased from the Store for 7,000 coins if you have reached level 20 or it may be gifted by neighbors. The Jam'r has a footprint of 2 x 2 squares.

Description in gameEdit

The Jam'r makes delicious Jams from Fruits and Honey.


The Jam'r requires honey and various types of fruit. At the time of this writing (May 2010), the Jam'r can process eight different types of fruit.


The Jam'r produces jars of jam, which appear on the bench in front of the machine. It takes 60 seconds to produce one jar, regardless of the type of fruit. The jars of jam sell for various prices, depending on the type of fruit:

Product Sale Price Profit Profit/hour
Blueberry Jam 97 12 4.00
Raspberry Jam 113 18 3.60
Blackberry Jam 145 20 3.33
Strawberry Jam 214 29 3.22
Grape Jam 135 30 3.00
Apple Jam 37 37 2.31
Cherry Jam 45 45 2.50
Orange Jam 57 57 2.85

In addition, each filling operation (adding honey or fruit) generates one XP for the farmer.


Trays of fruit to be processed are supplied in a stack beside the machine and honey is supplied through a clear hopper above the machine. The stack and the hopper can each hold enough to produce three jars of jam. The Jam'r will start processing immediately whenever there is at least one unit of honey in the hopper and one tray of fruit on the input stack. When a jar of jam is produced, it will appear on the bench in front of the machine, one tray of fruit will disappear from the bottom of the stack, and level of honey in the hopper will go down.

A switch on the side of the machine allows you to select the type of fruit which will be loaded into the machine. You can change fruit type while the machine is running, so it is possible to have different types of fruit in the input stack. The fruit will be processed in the order that the trays are added to the stack and the jars will appear on the bench in the same order. If you order a type of fruit that is not in the barn, you get an error message and an invitation to switch, with a menu to choose from. If you have no suitable fruit, you can't switch.

Clicking the honey hopper adds a potful of honey if you have any in the barn, up to a total of three. Further clicks will add fruit if you have any and if there are no more than two trays in place.

Clicking the output bench collects a jar of jam if you have any there. Further clicks will add fruit if you have any and if there are no more than two trays in place.

Clicking elsewhere on the machine will add the selected type of fruit if you have any and if there are no more than two trays in place.

Food chainsEdit

Clover Beehive Honey Jam'r Grape Jam
Clover Beehive Honey Jam'r Apple Jam
Apple Tree Apples
Clover Beehive Honey Jam'r Orange Jam
Orange Tree Oranges
Clover Beehive Honey Jam'r Cherry Jam
Cherry Tree Cherries
Clover Beehive Honey Jam'r Blueberry Jam
Clover Beehive Honey Jam'r Blackberry Jam
Clover Beehive Honey Jam'r Raspberry Jam
Clover Beehive Honey Jam'r Strawberry Jam

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