Honey is produced from nectar from clover by bees. As the clover does not need to be harvested to produce honey, the addition of a beehive to the farm is another way to increase profits. Each jar of honey produced also yields one XP.

Each jar of honey can be sold for 5 coins, or used to create jam using the jam'r and a fruit crop.


Collecting jars of honey enable to earn Sweet as Honey ribbons.

HoneyRibbon 5 35 50 25 100 150 225 350 500 1,250 750 1,000


Again the CL Devs are akin to the New Yorkers who firmly believed milk was made from a chemical added to water (the majority may have never seen a cow being milked) The bees collect nectar from flowering plants which they in turn convert the nectar into honey - see wikipedia:Nectar. The Pollen is collected by the bees by accident. It is not used to make honey, but when a bee takes pollen from one plant it then may transfer it to another and so on. In the process plants that have been pollinated will be able to reproduce . Bees also feed their developing young on Pollen and Honey. The Pollen brought back to their hives as a bonus. Bees love honey, they will go as far as stealing it from other bees.


Honey Bee -- no sign of Pollen on this bee from this flower.