The game "CountryLife" available to all members of Facebook is in its "Beta" stage. Improvements and other changes come in from time to time.

Among likely future improvements are some way of adding value to cheese and ketchup.


(most recent first)

December 2017

Winter Holiday 2017 Event:

November 2017
  • New Kitchen accessory: Mixing Bowl.
  • New achievement: Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries.
  • Improved way of collecting ribbon rewards: player chooses when he can claim a reward when he wins a new ribbon.
October 2017

Halloween 2017 Event:

September 2017

No updates again from April 2016 to September 2017.

April 2016
10th "Hide Quests" button added.
  • New Quests feature! Quests help new players to know how to play the game. More useless for older players who know how to play since a long time, but everybody can earn extra XP.
  • "Change Log" Tab added to the Game Setting panel, in which new updates are listed.
March 2016
25th Easter 2016 Event:
February 2016
25th New planting/harvesting/fertilizing feature, with an animated guide for new players.
January 2016
16th "The Ranch Shop is a lot more informative, providing all the info you need to play the game. Just hover the blue question mark appearing over each item.

Now it's easier for people you invite to learn how to play the game! The Barn got A LOT better too! Bigger icons, bigger text, more items per page. And, best of all, you can sort by recently added, quantity, price or total value!"

10th Distillery added, producting whiskey.
December 2015
31st Coffee Stand added
22nd Holiday Tree added for free: "Come back every 3 hours to collect a new round of presents! Only available during the holiday season so make the most of it!"
17th Winter Holiday 2015 Event: special winter decorations, Holidays sweaters to collect for a chance to get the Winter Landscape!
November 2015
17th Brewery, hops, beers and Brewmaster achievement added.
3rd New warehouse feature.
October 2015
25th Halloween 2015 Event: special Halloween decorations, Welsh Sheep and Halloween Sweaters.
August 2015
7th New "Faster Farming" feature added.
6th Mastery crops system added.
5th New achievements added.
July 2015
29th New graphics for Angora Rabbits.
28th New graphics for Merino Sheep.
7th New detailed Game Settings panel added.
June 2015
12th New graphics for the irrigation system.
5th New graphics for the Manor and the Apple Tree.
3rd Smooth Juicer added.
May 2015
27th New levels available.
15th 2 extra ribbons added: brown and purple. The last ribbons (red and blue) become harder to achieve and offer substantially bigger rewards.
10th New achievements added.
8th New graphics for cows.
4th Expansions are split into smaller ones. For example, instead of going directly from 29x29 to 31x31 for 3,500,000 coins you now first go to 30x30 for 1,350,000 coins and then to 31x31 for 2,150,000 coins (the total is still 3.5M coins). The cost of some of the last expansions has also been reduced.
April 2015
28th Yorkshire pig now eats Pumpkins to give Pancettas.
24th Yorkshire pig and Bacon appear!
9th Country Life announced they will start updates again with new contents.

Game have been settled down from January 2011 to April 2015; no updates on FB during this period.

January 2011
5th "Pumpkin Pie and 5 more Water Well upgrades! All pies can now be gifted and exchanged for OPs (different amounts for each pie). Have fun!"
  • "There are now 3 more expansions and 2 more yards available to accomodate more of your crops and gear. Enjoy!"
  • "Many people asked for new levels after 75. So here they are!"
December 2010
  • "Achievements! Get big bonuses when earning achievements and share them with your friends for even more XP and OPs!"
  • "Make pie! Oh my!! Been pilin' on those apples and berries? Pour them in this machine with flour and honey for delicious holiday pies!
July 2010
12th (?) Players are greeted with this notice: "Work more plots at once! Seeding and harvesting are now easier than ever! Select the number of plots to work on the Multi Tool. This requires 1 OP per plot." A diagram is at bottom right, and a screenshot is at top left.
June 2010
30th "Many players didn't like our last changes to the gifting system and requested the old system to be reinstated. Guess what? It's done! And don't worry, we're going to maintain and develop Country Life continously even if we launched a lite version. By the way, you shoud check that out! ; )"
26th "We updated the sharing of materials on the feed, just share materials and your friends will pick what they need, no need to look on everyone's profiles. Also each player can gift one material for each building each day and these change daily so you'll be able to gift different stuff each day." Players see this on screen: "Building materials update! Share building materials on your FEED (profile) and neighbors will be able to pick what they need."
  • Belated explanation of the removal of OPs from the gift list (which was not announced on FB): "Some people are concerned about the removal of the 25 OP gift and we've seen comments stating we removed it in order to get more money from OP sales. If you take a moment to look at the Gift Box you'll notice all gifts can be traded for exactly 25 OP with the exception of construction materials which trade for 10 OP. Our intention was to get more OP to more people for FREE. Hopefully this helps clarify the situation."
  • Players see on screen "Trade gifts for OPs! Receiving many unwanted gifts? Just trade them in for OPs right from your Gift Box!" Detailed explanation on Facebook: "Building materials are no longer sent like regular gifts. Instead, just post a request for materials and your friends will be able to send them right from your profile and pick exactly the type of material you need. And if you do get some unwanted gifts they can all be traded for OPs right from your gift box. That's right, trade any gift for OPs!! Is that sweet or what? : )"
2nd "Pack your veggies, folks! Use the new COOL PACKER to wrap your Carrots, Potatoes, Lettuce and Peppers and increase their sale price! We also updated the Barn so that items no longer move when you sell something (many people requested this and it was long overdue, sorry for the delay). Enjoy!"
April 2010
18th "Irrigation is now available! You will need to build a Water Well and install sprinklers on the plots you want to water. The well is upgradable, each level allowing for more crops to be irrigated. There are also 4 new crops and before you mention it, they will have a purpose soon! Have fun! : )"
10th "You can now buy presents for your friends! This is a feature that many players requested so here it is. You can use the SEND button in the Store to purchase presents. Your neighbors will surely appreciate it!"
March 2010
21st Houses; and "Grind faster with the Brick Mill!" (which also produces Cornmeal) - and new possible gifts include materials for building that mill.
19th Greenhouses: "Grow crops faster in a Greenhouse! Greenhouses require pipes and glass to build, so ask your friends to send you some materials!"
February 2010
26th "You can now gift automatic operations (OP)! For a limited time you can send 25 OP daily to each of your friends who are likely to return the favor. Enjoy! : )"
21st "New special expansions available! The small, medium and large YARDS accomodate all your stuff except for crops. So you can move animals, machinery and decorations to the yard and keep the rest of your ranch for crops. And yes, we know you want homes... They are coming and they're beautiful! : )"
18th "New decorations are now available! Check out the new colored fences, woodpile, fire pit, birdbath, bell, lamp post, wagon wheels..."
January 2010
22nd New fruits: blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, which produce fruit for jam, and Banana Trees, which do not.
December 2009
19th New machine: Weaver.
18th Automation
13th Baker; and reduction in size of Cheese Master.
8th Ranch size now allowed up to 29x29.
4th Jam'r - and 1,000,000 daily players.
November 2009
29th Camera
25th Cherry Tree, Orange Tree; cows
15th First tree, the Apple Tree.
13th Reduced prices and neighbor numbers for expansions.
10th Beehive
3rd Winemaker
2nd Smaller-size animals and gear; fertilizers; some time reductions and profit increases - and 200,000 daily players.
1st Sheep
October 2009
26th Updates to selling system.
24th Angora Rabbits
12th (approx.) Game starts, using crops and some gear.

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