Grapes are grown in fields and can be made into either jam or wine. Proceeds are about the same, so a player should think carefully before buying a winemaker, because a jam'r is a multipurpose processor that is available not many levels above. It sells for 116 coins ,cost 105 coins,and you harvest it in 10 hours.

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Use Grapes in the Smooth Juicer to make Grape Juice, in the Winemaker to make Red Wine, or in the Jam'r to make Grape Jam.

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Harvesting grape plots enable to earn Doin' Grape ribbons.

GrapesRibbon 15 25 XP 75 XP 250 250 XP 1,250 650 XP
50 OP 125 OP 400 OP 800 OP

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