CountryLife farmers can make flour by delivering wheat to a Brick Mill or a Dutch Mill. Flour is sold for 62 coins, adding 14 coins to the value of unprocessed wheat and is made in 35/45 seconds. Like all processed goods in country life, each process earns farmers one XP.

The flour can be sold or can be added to the baker as one of the ingredients for bread.


Flour is produced by a Dutch Mill, already in the farm at the start of the game, or by a Brick Mill, available later in the store. It is produced with wheat and can be sold for 65 coins per sack.

When a Dutch is used, milk production takes 35 seconds per sack. The Brick Mill process wheat into flour more quickly, but the player needs to get level 15 to buy it.



Turning wheat into flour adds 14 coins to the value of unprocessed wheat, as well as additional XP.

Flour can then be processed further for more profits and additional XP.


Grinding sacks of wheat enable to earn Flour Power ribbons.

FlourRibbon 10 35 XP 50 90 XP 275 XP 650 XP 1,200 XP 6,500 2,000 XP
50 OP 150 OP 400 OP 900 OP 1,400 OP 2,500 OP
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