The Egg Dyer was put into the game in March, 25th 2016, as part of the Easter 2016 Event.

An Egg Dyer requires 1.5 x 1.5 squares as a footprint, and can be "rotated".

As it requires Color Kits to be used and Color Kits are available only during Easter Event, it seems that the Egg Dyer will be useless after this period.

The Egg Dyer enables to complete the Easter Eggs collection, which unlocks a free Mushroom House when all 15 Easter Eggs models are found.

Description in gameEdit

Use the Egg Dyer to paint beautiful Easter Eggs. Requires one Color Kit for each painted egg.


The Egg Dyer requires eggs and Color Kits which are processed in 30 seconds. Color Kits can be gifted by neighbors.


Egg Dyer sheep produce Easter Eggs, which can be sold up to 5,000 coins!

Production chainEdit

Corn Chickens Eggs Egg Dyer Easter Eggs
Color Kit
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