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  Country Life Game Wiki is a collaborative website about Facebook's online game "Country Life" and its baby brother (born June 2010) Country Life lite. Anyone who can type and click can edit it (maybe with a little help)! It will be an easy place to find:

Country Life (or CountryLife) and Country Life Meadows

"CountryLife", says the multi-hued logo (at top left!) - but text says "Country Life". Either way, it's a fast-growing game introduced to Facebook's (then) 300 million members in October 2009. You have a ranch, where you plant fields with various crops and have a cow and other animals and some items of gear to process the harvested crops into higher-value items. Add some decorations for more fun. See the outline Walkthrough.

On september, 3rd 2017, Country Life became Country Life Meadows. A new app, but players kept their farm, money and experience.

Country Life and Family Farm

After January 2011, Country Life stopped updating the game. A few months later, Family Farm was born, a new Facebook game with the same gameplay and graphics that Country Life. After a few updates, players could notice that some elements of this game had the same graphics that in other Facebook games (but most of them have now a new design). What about Country Life? When we asked what happened to the development team, we had just one answer: "The game was stolen from us". Unfortunately, Family Farm had a huge success and Country Life was forgotten by most of the players.

On April 2015, Country Life decided to update the game again.

This wiki was founded on 21 March 2010 (Harvest Moon time in the Southern Hemisphere). We are working on 181 articles (as well as other pages such as categories and discussion pages). YOU CAN HELP.

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Product profitability for various growing times - OK, it's 4 and a half hours till bedtime, do I plant blueberries for a quick cash-up, or do I plant clover for extra milk and honey (hoping that the beehive residents will do their work before I have to sleep), or do I look to the longer term and plant carrots or grapes or wheat even though they will sit and wait for a while until I stagger bleary-eyed back to the computer, or should I go for the biggie and plant corn? Maybe it depends on what buildings, gear and animals I have? the detailed table, print yourself a copy, and use its discussion page to comment or query!

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