The Chicken Coop holds chickens outside so that they can lay eggs. fed with corn with a profit of 22 coins per item. Each Chicken Run can hold up to 3 chickens. The Chicken Coop has a footprint of 2 x 2.5 squares and can be rotated. The Chicken Coop is purchased for 900 coins and is available at level 6. When purchased there is one chicken already in the coop. If no longer required, it can be sold for 45 coins. This item cannot be gifted by neighbors.

Description in gameEdit

The Chicken Coop is home to a maximum of 3 Chickens. It comes with one Chicken and you should add two more for highest yield.


The Chickens require corn which is processed in 2 minutes. Adding extra chickens to the run decreases this time. Unprocessed corn sells for 80 coins, but processing it using the Chicken eggs adds an additional profit of 22 coins.


The Chickens produces eggs. These can be sold for 102 coins per unit or used for further processing with the baker. Each process also generates one XP for the farmer.

Food chainEdit

Corn Chicken Coop Eggs ...and further products to make with it...