Cherry Jam in the online game CountryLife is made in a jam'r from honey and cherries. Honey is not normally used. It would be sugar as the sweetener and thickener.

The jam'r can store three trays of fruit (each earning 1 XP) and three potfuls of honey (each earning 1 XP). It produces one jar of jam in 60 seconds if both ingredients are in place and there are no more than two finished jars on the output bench.

One jar of cherry jam sells for 36 coins; profit is more than if you sold honey and fruit separately. Total actual profit is the full 36 coins., but not as good as Orange Jam.

Some berries earn a little more when made into jam.


Collecting jars of jam enable to earn Jamming ribbons.

JamsRibbon 5 40 XP 100 XP 350 XP 750 XP 1,500 XP 6,500 2,500 XP
50 OP 150 OP 500 OP 1,000 OP 1,700 OP 3,000 OP

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