Crops cover the largest developed part of a CountryLife ranch at the start of the game and are a vital factor throughout.

Each unit of crop occupies one tile or plot (a square if you are using a bird's eye view!). Your farm starts with 225 potential tiles, but the Holstein Cow with enclosure and manger and can-rack occupies space for nine tiles. Other animals and gear also cover more than enough space for one tile, generally 2x2 or 2x3 or 3x3.

Hover over a crop to see whether it is ready for harvest. (With experience, you will know just by looking without hovering.) When it is, click to harvest, and within a second it will appear in your barn, where it can be simply sold or (more profitably) wait to be processed in some way.

The vacant plot needs no preparation and can be resown immediately with seeds from the store if you have enough coins. Most seeds are obvious when planted, but blueberries are hard to see at small zoom levels. Hover to see what percentage of growth they are up to.

Before resowing any of the rectangular groups of fields, you can use the "move" tool to push them up against the L-shaped strip of fields above, so as to reduce the amount of waste space. Then you can move your cow up against them too. Waste space is pretty, but you're in business for profit maximization, right?(!) You can move fields at any time with no loss, but they are easier to move when bare or freshly planted.

Crops' "time until harvest" is reduced by 25% (on a once-only basis) after you have rain (from the "fertilizers" group in the store). So, for example, 16 hours will reduce to 12 hours and be much more manageable for twice-a-day visiting. And instead of 180 clover tiles to keep your cow munching continuously, you will need only 135! But you need some sleep, so even 135 may be more than you need. Growing time can also, and on a permanent basis, be reduced by use of a greenhouse or irrigation.

When all your fields are full, spare coins should be spent on plowing fresh fields. Push them as close as possible to the L-shaped strip or the corners of your farm, for maximum efficiency.

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