In the online game CountryLife, animals play an important role.

Your first animal is a Holstein Cow, which turns a load of clover into milk in just 60 seconds.


(See also List of CountryLife animals)


Quite early in the game, friends may gift you another cow or other animals such as a Leghorn Chicken or a Merino Sheep or an Angora Rabbit. Check our pages to see what they need and what they do for you. Do not sell animals unless sure you are at maximum profitability. If in doubt, just leave them in your gift box for later consideration.


You will have to buy your own beehives, because they cannot be gifted. Buy one as soon as you can if you are growing clover at any time during the day. Provided you remove jars of honey from the hive, the bees will fly out to find and pollinate one field of clover at a time then return to make honey with it. At that stage in the game, you will have to learn to hold off harvesting clover until it is pollinated (when its flowers get a yellow tinge), or you will lose the potential honey (worth only 5 coins per jar, but that's a lot in a day if you're working at good efficiency, and honey is essential for making jam).

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