You can plant carrots as part of playing CountryLife.

They are the basis of the most profitable field-sourced product in the game (as at 21 March 2010): Angora Sweaters, which produce a profit of 5.4 coins per hour per field if harvested as soon as ready when growing in the open or 7.2 if growth is boosted by rain or a greenhouse. However, that requires a weaver, which cannot be gifted and is not available until you reach an advanced level.

Description in gameEdit

Use Carrots with the Smooth Juicer to make Carrot Juice, feed your Rabbits, or pack them with the Cool Packer.

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Harvesting carrot plots enable to earn More Carrot Than Stick ribbons.

CarrotsRibbon 25 35 XP 75 85 XP 350 275 XP 1,500 650 XP
50 OP 150 OP 500 OP 1,000 OP

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