Blueberries can be planted at level 19 for 85 coins each. Can be sold for 91 coins each or used in a Jam'r and to be made into Blueberry Jam, which can be sold for 97 coins. It grows for 3 hours until it is ready.

Description in gameEdit

Use Blueberries in the Smooth Juicer to make Juice or in the Jam'r to make Jam.

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Reward for plantingEdit


Alternative usesEdit


Harvesting berry plots enable to earn Merry Berries ribbons.

BerriesRibbon 15 25 XP 75 XP 250 XP 575 XP 4,500 1,250 XP 10,000 2,250 XP
50 OP 150 OP 500 OP 1,000 OP 1,750 OP 2,750 OP

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