Blackberry Jam in the online game CountryLife is made in a jam'r from honey and blackberries (which you can grow from level 23).

The jam'r can store three trays of fruit (each earning 1 XP) and three jarfuls of honey (each earning 1 XP). It produces one jar of jam in 60 seconds if both ingredients are in place and there are no more than two finished jars on the output bench.

One jar of jam sells for 145 coins; profit 15 (after allowing for the sale prices of honey and fruit forgone): that's 2.50/h if you harvest the fruit as soon as it's ready.

If you find that bedtime is less than 6 hours away, you can plant:

  1. blueberries, which take only 3 hours to grow and when turned into jam produce 7 coins of profit, i.e. slightly fewer coins per hour for the same amount of work (and the same number of XP).
  2. clover, which grows in only 4 hours (earning 1.25 per hour if sold but 2.50 if fed to a cow) and will add to your honey supply if your beehive is operating to pollinate it;

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