The Baker is used to make bread from milk, eggs and flour with a profit of 96 coins per set of items. The Baker has a footprint of 2 x 2 squares and can be rotated. The Baker is purchased for 8,500 coins and is available at level 22. If no longer required, it can be sold for 170 coins. This item cannot be gifted by neighbors.

Description in gameEdit

Use the Baker to make Bread from Flour, Eggs and Milk.


The Baker requires milk, eggs and flour which are processed in 90 seconds. Unprocessed milk sells for 25 coins, unprocessed eggs sell for 102 coins and unprocessed flour sells for 62 coins for a total of 189 coins, but processing it using the Baker adds an additional profit of 96 coins.

The CL Developers either ran out of ideas to use their baking machine OR their education never took them beyond elementary school. The constituents of Bread throughout the world are Flour from varies grains (wheat being the most common) Yeast as a raising agent, and Water (sugar and salt also found in many recipes) Where did they find a recipe for Bread made with eggs and milk.


The Baker produces bread. This can be sold for 285 coins per unit. Bread cannot be processed any further at the moment in the game. Each bread collected generates 3 XP for the farmer.

Food chainsEdit

Clover Cow Milk Baker Bread

Dutch Mill
or Brick Mill

Corn Chicken Coop Egg
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