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Automation causes feeding, filling and collection operations on animals and machines to occur immediately whenever possible, without clicking the mouse. Each feeding, filling or collection operation consumes one "op". Automation allows processing on your farm to run unattended, planting and harvesting is still done manually. You will need to be logged on the game for automation to work.

Automation "ops" can be gifted to you by neighbors (25 ops per neighbor per day) or they may be purchased with Ranch Cash.

Using AutomationEdit

The gears in the lower left corner of the game area allow you to display the automation settings for all the animals and machines. Clicking on the gears will show or hide the automation settings--it doesn't turn automation on and off. The automation for each animal or machine is controlled by an ON/OFF button on each object. Normally, they are all turned OFF. You may decide to turn on automation for just a few items--beehives, for example--and leave everything else turned OFF. Then, click on the gears again to hide the automation settings. You must hide the automation settings to resume operation of your farm. If you have left the beehive automation turned ON, they will run automatically and everything else can be operated manually. Just don't forget where you have automation turned ON.

Purchasing AutomationEdit

Here are the prices for automation operations offered in the Automation section at the Store.

Ranch Cash Automation OPs
1 150
3 500
7 1,500
15 3,500
30 7,500
50 15,000